Anbwan City

Anbwan city located in the south-west of Hail and lies about 180 km from Hail A large village in the foothills of the eastern Free was a resource Old its eyes dried up today, Featuring city Anbwan rocky topography of course interspersed with valleys and coral,  And received Anbwan education since the early and was previously confined in the old village Bmsaknha mud walls and farms The eyes in the middle of the valley Baharh and then expanded as new neighborhoods ground flat and successively by urban development and facilities And markets and roads, as well as is one of the oldest villages in the area since there are the old village of mud houses and fence in The old village and castles parties to the fence and was famous for its abundance of them appointed Alnbawi eyes and eye Anbwan appointed successor appointed or corral and appointed Bdjaa And is also renowned palm cultivation