كلمة رئيس بلدية مدينة انبوان باليوم الوطني 93
كلمة رئيس بلدية مدينة انبوان الاستاذ / أحمد بن مسند الشمري باليوم الوطني 93
من مظاهر احتفال بلدية مدينة انوان باليوم الوطني 93
من مظاهر احتفال بلدية مدينة انوان باليوم الوطني 93
Anbwan celebrates the 89th National Day
The manifestations of the celebration of the city of Anbouan National Day 89 (Mettle up the summit)
The municipality completes its readiness to celebrate the national day
Open new project envelopes
After receiving a complaint from a citizen
Environmental sanitation in the municipality conducts inspection tours of restaurants, buffets and commercial establishments through which unidentifie
Upgrading the number of "9" employees in the municipality
The Mayor Visits Khafaj Village Center to view the needs of the village
A surprise inspection tour to the municipal controller through which some irregularities were detected
The Municipality opens envelopes for a number of projects
In a surprise inspection tour ... Municipality of Anbouan city controls a number of food items expired in a number of villages belonging to it
The mayor visits the village center of Rawd Ibn Hadi
The Mayor shall review the implementation of the existing asphalt works by pressing
The mayor receives the landfill in the housing plan in Panboan
The municipality of Anbouan city prepares its preparations for the national day
Visit of the mayor of the center of the village of Dharqd
Visit of the mayor of the center of the village of Dreik
Talal Al-Shammari as mayor of Anboan city
Anbwan Municipality Ceremony for the Promotion of Employees and the Honoring of its President Eng Farhan Alnomsy
1- بدر ضيف الله الرشيدي الى المرتبة السابعة 2-فاهد فواز الشمري الى المرتبه السابعة 3-شايع طارش الشمري الى المرتبة السادسة 4-فندي عبدالله النومسي الى المرتبة الخامسة 5- فايد جهز الرشيدي الى المرتب
Anbwan Municipality Hail finish drawing the biggest flag of Saudi Arabia
Anbwan mayor of the city of Hail ended sketch largest aware of its kind in the region with an area of ​​21,000 m2 any 100 meters up in the 210 meters wide; the equivalent of three football pitches spa
ecretary Hail inaugurate a number of projects in the city Anbwan
Amin inaugurated Hail HE area Ibrahim Abu Ras, mayor of the interim Nbuan Town Hall and municipal services building and a central building workshops and warehouses also opened the main square of the c
Anbwan municipality Taid employees of Eid Al-Fitr
Anbwan Municipality of Hail celebrated Eid al-Fitr in the presence of Prime Onbwan Center Professor Badr bin O. Shammari, the presence of the mayor's hilarious Alnomci engineer, the assistant mayor, M